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Official Tickets La Tomatina Festival 2022

Why Festivals All Around?

  • If you do not want to worry about La Tomatina tickets, transportation in and out of Buñol, food, drinks, party, showers, having a family feeling, lockers, guides and many other things needed for La Tomatina, forget about it all. Let us do the hard work for you and make the most of your experience.
  • Including everything you will need and much more, you will be taken care of from the first moment you join us until you say bye-bye to us with a huge smile in your face.

Best experience…

  •  We have created for you an incredible day to never forget and as our more than 12.000 happy customers assure, the best La Tomatina experience in the market.
  •  We are born and raised in Valencia, we are La Tomatina experts & you will get an experience like nobody else, you wait and see. Be ready to be amazed.

*La Tomatina Experience*

*La Tomatina info*




  • La Tomatina Mandatory Entry Ticket .
  • Bus from Valencia to Buñol and back.
  • Private Festivals All Around Guide.
  • Access to Festivals all around Fun Zone.
  • 1 drink of refreshing Spanish Sangria at our Fun Zone in Buñol.
  • Awesome Batucada live show.
  • La Tomatina pre & after-party in our headquarters in Buñol.
  • Free Entry Ticket to La Tomatina Official After Party.
  • Feel 100% Worries Free.
  • Lots of love & one of the most epic days of your life.


  • La Tomatina mandatory Entry Ticket.
  • Bus from Valencia to Buñol and back.
  • Private Festivals All Around Guide.
  • Access to Festivals all around Fun Zone.
  • 3 drinks of refreshing Spanish Sangria at our Fun Zone.
  • La Tomatina pre & after-party in our headquarters in Buñol.
  • Awesome Batucada live show.
  • Free Entry Ticket to La Tomatina Official After Party all night long.
  • TOMATINA BOSS PREMIUM package including:
  • 1 Typical Tasty Valencian Paella plate (no meat/good for vegans) + 1 Drink (Beer, water, or Sangria ) to recover energy.
  • Festivals All Around backpack.
  • Festivals all Around Souvenir La Tomatina t-shirt.
  • Waterproof bag for your phone or money (Important).
  • Super handy goggles to protect your eyes from the tomato acid (Important).
  • Locker service at our headquarters to leave belongings like passports, bank cards,etc..(Important)
  • Festivals all around swimming cup to protect you from the tomato.(Super Handy)
  • Feel 100% Worries Free.
  • Lots of love & one of the most epic days of your life.




The big day has arrived, we will jump on a bus to go to Buñol (La Tomatina town, 40 km away from Valencia),Once all buses are loaded we take off for what it will be one of the best days of your life, and what best way to start the day than with our famous SANGRIA PARTY, the atmosphere at our headquarters is awesome. We will have our super cool Batucada playing to wake up and pump everyone up, trust us, you want to be part of it.
After an hour of drowning ourselves in sangria, we make our way into town to find a fantastic spot in the heart of the action, and hey, our headquarters are at the best possible location, literally 100 meters away from the main entry to La Tomatina.


The fight begins! In case you aren’t aware, the mission is to smash as many people with as many tomatoes as possible for the next hour until the last truck has passed.
All tomatoes down! The battle might be over, but the festival is still going strong. Just in front of our headquarters, there will be showers to get clean of all the tomatoes in your body, so needed, trust us. We will go back to our headquarters where the party will go on for a few hours before we go back to Valencia.


Back in Valencia, and time to hit the showers! After one of the most exhausting days of your life, feel free to indulge in one of Spain’s favorite customs: SIESTA!


ITS PARTY TIME! Now we make our way to The Official Tomatina After Party, get ready to get wild at probably one of the wildest parties you will ever be. Let´s send this festival the only way we here at Festivals All Around know-how… MAKE IT EPIC!

Helpful tips


  • Be at the pick-up point 7 am with the rest of festivalgoers, once all buses are loaded we take off for Buñol!
  • Only bring things you need! You will not need passports, laptops!
  • Bring some cash into the festival for drinks and food, 50 euro should be more than enough!
  • Do not wear flip flops!
  • Wear closed in shoes you don’t mind throwing away!
  • Wear old clothes or clothes you aren’t planning on wearing again.
  • Expect your clothes to be torn off!
  • If you are planning on taking pictures a waterproof camera is a must or a Waterproof bag can be purchased at our headquarters.
  • Buses will return from the festival at 4 pm! IF YOU MISS THE BUS WILL HAVE TO FIND YOUR OWN WAY BACK!


  • La Tomatina festival with Festivals All Around was amazing. Organisation was fantastic, the atmosphere on the day was incredible and staff were friendly. I'd definitely recommend!

    Beth Clark 5 STARS
  • Very helpful staff.They guide you with every detail.Well planned and organised.

    Aleeta Mascarenhas 5 STARS
  • Very great customer service and the offers from them are so crazy. Highly recommend them and you guys are doing great job.

    Sravan Kumar 5 STARS
  • Thanks so much for a great few days special thanks to #couplegoalz Kirsten and Dext xx.

    Sarah Conlon 5 STARS
  • Without a doubt the best few days of my trip so far! Pepe, Ash & the crew made us all feel like family and made sure we had the time of our lives every minute we were there! Definitely will be booking another adventure with them!!

    Eleanor Maggiore 5 STARS
  • Excellent tour to La Tomatina. They could not have done a better job. The process was smooth and really well planned. The sangria pre-party they organized was unbelievable, it was an event to itself. I could not have expected or needed anything more. From groups, couples through to single travelers, Festivals All Around will completely exceed your expectations and give you that unforgettable experience. Huge ups to Pepe and the crew, it’s 5 stars from me!

    George Hanok 5 STARS