Las Fallas is a Unesco World Heritage Festival since 2017


Las Fallas Deluxe Hostel Premium Tour *4DAY* 269€

Join the Festivals All Around Family for Las Fallas to see not only Valencia in all its glory but also one of the most spectacular displays of colour, light and fire the world has to offer! Our expert guides will be on hand with you to show you how to make the most out of every moment of this incredible festival which is a true delight to the senses. Oh…. Did we mention we are from Valencia, the home of Las Fallas? No one knows this festival or can show you what it’s all about the way we can! BE PART OF IT!

What you get
  • Welcome party and orientation tour
  • 3 Nights accommodation at our cool city centre hostel
  • Breakfast every day
  • Walking tour of Valencia
  • Nightly fireworks + nit del foc 18th march (fireworks extravaganza)
  • Mascleta fireworks everyday an incredible experience for the body and ears
  • Nightly street party – verbena
  • A real Paella cooked for us for a Valencian specialist.
  • Visit street of light
  • Festivals all around Las fallas t-shirt
  • Traditional pañuelo fallero
  • *A true opportunity to discover Valencia with the people that know it best!
  • Experienced Festivals all around Guide
  • The most incredible way to discover Las Fallas and Valencia!

17th March:

Welcome to Valencia! Meet us at the hostel to check in and get prepared for the mayhem to come. Introduction meeting at 5pm, then we’ll head out to learn about this amazing festival, be part of the verbenas (street party), get your first taste of Las Fallas including one of the most beautiful events from las fallas, La Ofrenda the traditional presession of giving of flowers to the Virgin Mary. Now it’s time to party the night away with the people who will become your Festivals All Around family!

18th March:

10am: Get ourselves prepared for a guided tour of Valencia to learn about what makes this city incredible.
2pm : Mascleta (daytime fireworks) something that is impossible to put into words, this display is not about colour and light it’s about physically feeling and hearing the intensity of the fire works.
2:45pm: Tapas feast time! We experience tapas in all its delicious glory.
7pm: out we go again to discover more of the incredible Fallas in another area of the city and find some more amazing food before becoming a part of a city wide street party! Tonight is going to be the biggest party of the festival so be prepared!
1:30 am : la nit del foc, get ready to see one of the biggest fireworks displays you have ever seen and join the street parties for another night of craziness!

19th March:

1pm: We experience the daytime fireworks from a different perspective and enjoy the intensity in full force of Mascleta.
2:45pm: Paella cooking class time and we eat it for lunch! what better place to learn how to make it than where paella comes from!
7pm: We go to see the Parade of fire which is a spectacular of fire of hundreds of people. Then we make our way to the street of light, a spectacular display of lights and music surrounded by what is often one of the best areas of the city to see the greatest Fallas. Where we can try some of the most traditional food of fallas, the delicious churros!!
11pm: Prepare ourselves to watch the city burn followed by drinks at our favourite bars in Valencia!

20th March:

It’s time to say good bye, hugs and kisses for everyone and wishing you all safe travels!

No douche rules

Here at Festivals all Around we pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere of fun and happiness, discovering the best festivals around Europe with a few shenanigans thrown in. We love mischief as much as anyone, and we understand that everyone likes to party differently. But some people don’t know their limit, and we want to be very clear that disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated at all. Ever.

  • If you can relate to any of the below scenarios, we are sorry to say that joining the Festivals All Around family might not the right decision for you.
  • You have found yourself sleeping in your, or someone else’s, fecal matter, urine or vomit
  • You are often unwelcome into bars/clubs/restaurants/swimming pools/libraries or other places where there may be other people
  • You enjoy shots for breakfast every morning (special occasions can be tolerated)
  • You tend to not remember what you do or what happens during a night out (we are here to create amazing memories: if you can’t remember them, they don’t count)
  • You need ‘medications’ to enjoy festivities (and not the kind prescribed by a doctor and purchased at a pharmacy)
  • You find yourself fighting or arguing with people, animals, plants, walls, tents or even the ground… yes, we have seen it all!
  • You wake up confused and unable to find your pants on a regular basis (to be fair, it happens to us all from time to time)
  • Hair sniffing…. just no, not cool!
  • You often notice that people don’t want to talk to you or be around you because you are rather offensive or obnoxious: is it your smell, or what is coming out of your mouth?
  • You go to festivals simply to cause chaos, and have no interest in the city, culture or festival itself.
  • You have issues following rules or respecting other cultures
  • You have a problem with hugs and laughing