Barcelona to Bulls camping *4 day* €350


Head out from Barcelona to our lovely lakeside campsite, where the 4 most intense days of your life await! Whether you plan to participate or watch the run, get ready for an unforgettable experience!
What you get
  • Return transportation from Barcelona to Pamplona
  • Three nights accommodation at our lakeside campsite*
  • Breakfast everyday
  • Pre erected tent
  • Inflatable mattress included
  • Welcome party, burgers and sangria are on us
  • Opening ceremony

*Camp site includes: Parties every night, DJ’s, bars,  pool parties and the incredible Festivals All Around Crew!

  • Introductory tour of Pamplona
  • Shuttles running to and from the festival
  • Experienced Festivals All Around Guides
  • Festivals All Around souvenir t-shirt
  • Traditional San Fermin neck tie (pañuelo)
  • **Optional upgrade day trip to San Sebastian** “Recommended”
No douche rules

Here at Festivals all Around we pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere of fun and happiness, discovering the best festivals around Europe with a few shenanigans thrown in. We love mischief as much as anyone, and we understand that everyone likes to party differently. But some people don’t know their limit, and we want to be very clear that disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated at all. Ever.

  • If you can relate to any of the below scenarios, we are sorry to say that joining the Festivals All Around family might not the right decision for you.
  • You have found yourself sleeping in your, or someone else’s, fecal matter, urine or vomit
  • You are often unwelcome into bars/clubs/restaurants/swimming pools/libraries or other places where there may be other people
  • You enjoy shots for breakfast every morning (special occasions can be tolerated)
  • You tend to not remember what you do or what happens during a night out (we are here to create amazing memories: if you can’t remember them, they don’t count)
  • You need ‘medications’ to enjoy festivities (and not the kind prescribed by a doctor and purchased at a pharmacy)
  • You find yourself fighting or arguing with people, animals, plants, walls, tents or even the ground… yes, we have seen it all!
  • You wake up confused and unable to find your pants on a regular basis (to be fair, it happens to us all from time to time)
  • Hair sniffing…. just no, not cool!
  • You often notice that people don’t want to talk to you or be around you because you are rather offensive or obnoxious: is it your smell, or what is coming out of your mouth?
  • You go to festivals simply to cause chaos, and have no interest in the city, culture or festival itself.
  • You have issues following rules or respecting other cultures
  • You have a problem with hugs and laughing

The bus will depart from Barcelona at Plaza Francesc Macia (at sandor) at 13:00 sharp so throw your bags on, sit back and enjoy the scenery as you travel through the heart of Spain to your home for the next few days.Upon arrival at our lakeside campsite, settle into your new home and get ready for your first night of festivities and mischief, With our welcome party burgers and sangria are on us. Tonight we will meet the people that will become your family for the days to come, prepare yourself for a night of chaos!

Today starts off with an introductory tour of the beautiful Pamplona and a run-down on what to expect over the next couple of days of mayhem. We’ll end up in the main square, right in the heart of the action ready to be amongst the opening ceremony. At noon, the town erupts into a giant sangria fight, with the streets coming alive with street performers and music. This is going to be our base for the insanity that is Chupinazo! This night the party continues with The Festivals All Around Family at our lake side campsite into the late hours!

It’s an early start today for the first bull run of the festival! The run begins at 8:00, so it’s important for us to get in there early so everyone who wants to run can find a spot, and everyone else can watch it all unfold. After the run, you have the opportunity to discover Pamplona, or come back to the campsite for some rest, and then party the afternoon/night away with us there!
**Optional San Sebastian Day Trip** After the bull run, we will depart from the campsite to San Sebastian for an unforgettable day of surf, delicious pintxos and sangria in this beautiful Basque town!

Head back into Pamplona one more time to participate in the Bull Run or check out more of the town before making our way back to Barcelona to continue to whatever adventure awaits.

Sad to say the festival has come to an end, but you leave with the memories of one of the most amazing festivals the world has to offer, and we hope some of the best days of your life.


Helpful tips
  • White shirt, white pants along with a red neck scarf are the traditional attire for the festival.
  • Get your hands on one of the drinking pouches! The perfect weapon for squirting sangria at your enemies!
  • Wear closed in shoes, DON’T WEAR FLIP FLOPS!
  • The opening ceremony is intense and erupts into a massive sangria fight so be prepared. If you are in the main square for the ceremony, expect to be crushed. If you’re not ok with that, stay on the outside.
  • The bull ring is a fantastic spot to watch the run. With a live video feed of the run and view of the end of the ‘race’ along with all the runners playing with the small bulls at the end, this is the perfect place if you just want to watch.
  • If you want to run, make sure you are in a suitable condition to do so. Running drunk or hung over is very dangerous and may result in…… DEATH!
  • Don’t jump off the fountain. You will understand what this means when you see it. This is not only illegal but also very dangerous!
  • Condoms… use them!
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