La Tomatina Deluxe students residence *4 day* 299€


This is your chance to discover more than La Tomatina. The tomato fight lasts for an hour, but the festivities around Valencia last for the entire week! We live in this incredible city and we will do everything we can to make sure our guests get to know and love it as much as we do. If you want to see Valencia in all its glory, stay in the best hostel fifteen minutes walking distance from the beach, party in our favourite places and enjoy everything that this sunny Spanish city has to offer, this package is for you
What you get

*Deluxe hostel includes: Only two people per room, private bathroom, gym, only 10 minutes walk from the beach!

  • Festivals all around La Tomatina t-shirt
  • Real Paella cooked for us for an expert Valencian Paella Master Chef
  • *A true opportunity to discover Valencia with the people that know it best!
  • FREE SANGRIA PARTY before the tomato fight
  • All transportation included by first class coach
  • Experienced Festivals all around Guide
  • Entry to the famous Official La Tomatina After Party
  • The most incredible way to discover La Tomatina and Valencia!
No douche rules

Here at Festivals all Around we pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere of fun and happiness, discovering the best festivals around Europe with a few shenanigans thrown in. We love mischief as much as anyone, and we understand that everyone likes to party differently. But some people don’t know their limit, and we want to be very clear that disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated at all. Ever.

  • If you can relate to any of the below scenarios, we are sorry to say that joining the Festivals All Around family might not the right decision for you.
  • You have found yourself sleeping in your, or someone else’s, fecal matter, urine or vomit
  • You are often unwelcome into bars/clubs/restaurants/swimming pools/libraries or other places where there may be other people
  • You enjoy shots for breakfast every morning (special occasions can be tolerated)
  • You tend to not remember what you do or what happens during a night out (we are here to create amazing memories: if you can’t remember them, they don’t count)
  • You need ‘medications’ to enjoy festivities (and not the kind prescribed by a doctor and purchased at a pharmacy)
  • You find yourself fighting or arguing with people, animals, plants, walls, tents or even the ground… yes, we have seen it all!
  • You wake up confused and unable to find your pants on a regular basis (to be fair, it happens to us all from time to time)
  • Hair sniffing…. just no, not cool!
  • You often notice that people don’t want to talk to you or be around you because you are rather offensive or obnoxious: is it your smell, or what is coming out of your mouth?
  • You go to festivals simply to cause chaos, and have no interest in the city, culture or festival itself.
  • You have issues following rules or respecting other cultures
  • You have a problem with hugs and laughing

Welcome to Valencia! Meet us at the hostel to check in and get prepared for the mayhem to come. We have an introduction meeting at 6:30pm, then we’ll head out to discover the awesome Valencian night life and meet the people who will become your Festivals All Around family for next unforgettable days.


This morning after breakfast you can head to the city to get all the gear you might need for La Tomatina , like cheap closed shoes.
For girls we recommend to use a sports bra under the T-shirt.
Just after that, we will meet at the hostel at 2:30PM to head to the beach where we will eat a delicious paella and enjoy a sun-filled afternoon with music and sangria!
After the paella, boom . Let´s go to the Official La Tomatina Pre Party at a really nice terrace near the beach, where you will be with the people who will be your tomatina warriors the next day.

Meet the rest of the festivalgoers and get on a bus.Once all buses are loaded we take off to Buñol for our famous sangria party!
We arrive in Buñol and the SANGRIA PARTY BEGINS!!!
After an hour of drowning ourselves in sangria, we make our way into town to find a fantastic spot in the heart of the action!
The fight begins! In case you aren’t aware, the mission is to smash as many people with as many tomatoes as possible for the next hour until the last truck has passed.
All tomatoes down! The battle might be over, but the festival is still going strong. Make sure to keep an eye out for locals in front of their houses waiting to hose you down so you are squeaky clean for the ride home.(SUPER IMPORTANT ¨YOU NEED TO BE PROPERLY CLEAN TO GET IN THE BUS BACK TO VALENCIA)
14:00 BUSES DEPART !!! IF YOU ARE NOT ON IT, IT WILL LEAVE WITHOUT YOU! As long as you don’t get carried away partying in town, by this stage you should be back on your air-conditioned bus, curled into a little ball, fast asleep.*Make sure to get back on the same bus where you left your belongings*
15:00 Back in Valencia, and time to hit the showers! After one of the most exhausting days of your life, feel free to indulge in one of Spain’s favourite customs: SIESTA!
20:30 ITS PARTY TIME! We’ll make our way to The Official Tomatina After Party where we’ll send this festival out the only way Festivals All Around knows how… MAKE IT EPIC!

Sad to say the festival has come to an end, but you leave with the memories of one of the most amazing festivals the world has to offer, and some of the best days of your life.




• Only bring things you need (bottle of water, clean clothes ; leave passports, laptops, mobile phones at home. We take no responsibility for valuables left on the bus.
• Sangria will be waiting for you when you arrive, so wear your drinkin’ boots!
• Bring some cash into the festivals for drinks and food. 30 euro should be more than enough!
• Closed-in shoes only … do not wear flip flops!
• Wear shoes and clothes that you won’t mind throwing away.
• Expect your clothes to be torn off; ladies, consider wearing a sports-bra.
• If you are planning on taking pictures, a waterproof camera is a must.
• Buses will return from the festival at 2pm! IF YOU MISS THE BUS YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND YOUR OWN WAY BACK!
Check out the pics and videos and ‘LIKE’ Festivals All Around FB page to keep up to date on everything!