Did you know that Buñol the town where La Tomatina happens is 40km away from Valencia? Already have your La Tomatina ticket but want to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience in the best way possible? Come along with us! We know the festival better than anyone out there and our mission is to make sure you have the most unforgettable day of your life! And who better than The Official Tour of La Tomatina to do it!
What you get

You MUST purchase the entry ticket for the festival

  • Transport to and from Valencia
  •  Festivals All Around Guide

7:00 Meet the rest of the festivalgoers at  Calle de Guillem de Castro, 118, and get on a bus as soon as you can. Once all buses are loaded we take off to Buñol.07:30 aprox.

8:15 We arrive in Buñol

8:30 We will lead you to the entry ticket exchange point so you can get your wristband to get in to the festival. we make our way into town to find a fantastic spot in the heart of the action!

11:00 The fight begins! At this stage, in case you aren’t aware, the mission is to smash as many people with as many tomatoes as possible for the next hour until the last truck has passed.

12:00 All tomatoes down! The battle might be over, but the festival is still going strong. Once the last tomato has been thrown, the town starts pumping out drinks along with thumping music, so you can grab an icy-cold sangria or cerveza and dance your way back to your bus. Make sure to keep an eye out for locals in front of their houses, waiting to hose you down so you are squeaky clean for the ride home.

14:00 BUSES DEPART!!! IF YOU ARE NOT ON IT, IT WILL LEAVE WITHOUT YOU! As long as you don’t get carried away partying in town, by this stage you will most likely be on your air-conditioned bus, curled into a little ball, fast asleep.*Be sure you get back on the same bus number where your belongings will be*

15:00 Back in Valencia, and time for you to hit the showers! After one of the most exhausting days of your life, feel free to indulge in one of Spain’s favorite customs: SIESTA!

18:30 Buses will be running all night long to the Official La Tomatina Afer Party *If you don´t have your ticket yet you can get it at and get ready to end up the awaited Tomatina the best way possible.

Helpful tips


  • Only bring things you need (bottle of water, clean clothes); leave passports, laptops, mobile phones at home. We take no responsibility for valuables left on the bus.
  • Bring some cash into the festival for drinks and food, 30 euro should be enough!
  • Closed-in shoes only … do not wear flip flops!
  • Wear shoes and clothes that you won’t mind throwing away.
  • Expect your clothes to be torn off; ladies, consider wearing a sports-bra.
  • If you are planning on taking pictures, a waterproof camera is a must.
  • Buses will return from the festival at 2pm! IF YOU MISS THE BUS YOU WILL HAVE TO FIND YOUR OWN WAY BACK!