Festivals All Around began in 2008 as two friends, Pepe and Ashley, whose life goal was to make the planet a happier and more fun place.
It started at La Tomatina where the first 100 members of The Festivals All Around Family came together. We both live in Valencia; Pepe is a local boy, and Ashley an Aussie expat.  The city is as dear to us as the festival itself and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure our guests love it as much as we do.
We have since expanded to the Running of the Bulls and Oktoberfest, where our mission is always to help our guests make the most of these once-in-a-lifetime events.We have built our reputation around our love and enthusiasm for the festivals and our guests, and for our hands-on approach to everything we do: we’ll be right beside you at all of the festivals, sharing in some of the most hilarious moments of your lives.
These two clowns will make the festivals the experience of your life!
Pepe Pardo Esteve
Valencian-born and raised, Pepe is the resident language expert and Spanish soul of the company. He has a background in tourism, and his passions include music, travelling, partying and new foods!
Ashley Pyziakos
Born and raised in Australia, Ash has been on a quest to discover the planet since 2008. He has explored more than 40 countries and still going strong. With a background in sales and tourism, Festivals All Around’s Mr Guiri (Spanish for “tourist”) knows what we want and makes it happen. His passions include travelling, laughing and meeting new people!
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