The Official La Tomatina After Party! 5th edition this year

banner_festivals_latomatina-infoThis year will be the 5th edition of The Official La Tomatina After Party. The madness at the after party has been growing since the day it was born , it is been celebrated in quite a few locations but always with an incredible atmosphere wherever it was held!

In which other better way to end up the incredible experience of the festival La Tomatina than partying as animal at The Official After Party.
The magic of this party becomes from bringing together all the people that had an incredible day having the same awesome experiences at La Tomatina and ending it with the best party ever.
Every year we bring almost all our customers from Festivals all around to La Tomatina After Party and we have no more than the word EPIC to describe it, it´s incredible the happiness and fun that it´s in the air all over the place at the party.

Check it yourselves with these videos from the past editions and you will understand what the madness of The Official La Tomatina After Party is about!

Do not forget about The Official La Tomatina Pre Party,  last year was the first edition and it was a super foam Party, this year bigger and badder!

Before you buy your ticket for it,  check our La Tomatina packages , 4 of them include the entry to this crazy After Party!

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Festivals all around! The Official Tour of La Tomatina 2015

If you ask most people what are the best memories they’ve shared with friends, they might say travels, weddings, or big nights out.

But here at Festivals All Around? We believe one of the most amazing experiences any two friends can share is smashing each other in the face with a tomato! And we’re here to help make it happen!

La Tomatina is one of the most funny, crazy experiences we are fortunate enough to have in this life. After six years at the festival, bringing more than 5000 people along with us, Festivals All Around has now been named the Official Tour for La Tomatina 2015.

We are super excited about this incredible opportunity, and we will continue to put our heart and soul into helping people discover the festival in the most epic fashion possible, not only by showing them La Tomatina itself but by welcoming them into our Festivals All Around family.

Festivals All Around began in 2008 as two friends whose life goal was to make the planet a happier and more fun place. It all began at La Tomatina, and has expanded to the Running of the Bulls and Oktoberfest. Our mission is always to help our guests experience these festivals in their most incredible light and make the most of these once-in-a-lifetime events.

We have built our reputation around our love and enthusiasm for the festivals and our guests, and nowhere is that more apparent than at La Tomatina. We both live in Valencia; Pepe is a local boy, and Ashley an Aussie expat.  The city is as dear to us as the festival itself; we’ve had the time of our lives there and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure our guests have just as great an experience as we have. We have been a part of this festival with friends, family and strangers alike, who have shared some of the most hilarious moments of our lives. We’re known for taking a hands-on approach to everything we do, but particularly at La Tomatina, where we’ll be right beside you when it all begins, trying our best to be the one to smash that first tomato into your face!


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