A booking can only be made by a person aged 18 years and over. To join any of our tours you need to be 18 years or older. Acceptance of these terms and conditions is binding for all guests. It is the responsibility of the booking party to confirm that all guests included in the booking, are agreeable to the following terms and conditions.


For all services, payment is required in full at the time of booking. If the booking is cancelled greater than 4 weeks from the tour/accommodation date, there will be a 70% refund given. If the booking is cancelled between 2 and 4 weeks from the tour/accommodation date, 50% will be refunded. Any booking cancelled less than 2 weeks from the tour date will receive no refund. **IN CASE THE FESTIVAL GETS CANCELLED BY THE ORGANIZERS OF LA TOMATINA, ALL TOURS WILL BE REFUNDED WITH 60% OF THE TOTAL AMOUNT PAID DUE TO EXPENSES ALREADY INVESTED**


It is a condition of booking that every passenger must have travel insurance while involved in any activity with Festivals All Around. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are adequately insured. Your insurance must include adequate cover for medical expenses and the cost of repatriation to your home destination should you become ill or injured during your trip. Festivals All Around accepts no responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, personal property or valuables. Insurance to cover the loss of baggage and valuables is also highly recommended.

Lost and stolen property

Festivals All Around will not be held responsible for the loss or theft of items of any value. Festivals All Around will do everything in their power, to ensure all guests’ items are secure but we cannot guarantee this. No items of value should be left on busses or in tents at any time. Festivals All Around provide strictly accommodation and transportation for the specified events. Festivals All Around take no responsibility for any occurrence while attending any festival.


Festivals All Around reserve the right to remove a guest from a tour if their behaviour is deemed as inappropriate toward any other third party including, but not limited to, other guests and Festivals All Around employees. Festivals All Around accepts no responsibility for any damage done or caused by any guest. In the case where damage does occur the guest or guest causing the damage will be responsible for covering all costs including legal costs that may have occurred as a result of the guest’s actions. If the circumstance arises where a guest is removed from a tour, Festivals All Around will accept no responsibility for any extra costs incurred or inconvenience to the guest removed from the tour. There will be no refund for guests who find themselves in this situation.

Image and Video recordings

Festivals All Around reserves the right to use its own videos and images for promotion purposes, agreeing to our terms and conditions you are accepting the permission to have you in them.


In the unlikely event, there is an issue or incident, the guest is to inform a Festivals All Around employee immediately, so we can strive to rectify the issue. If Festivals All Around is not notified of the issue, we will be unable to address it. There will be no compensation offered to any guest who does not address the problem as soon as the issue arises.